OM Sale: Is an Announcement Imminent?

Vente OM : Un Changement de Propriétaire Inévitable ?

Olympique de Marseille, a name that resonates in the hearts of football enthusiasts, is now at the center of a media storm. In recent weeks, rumors of the club’s potential sale have intensified, and a recent statement in the Saudi press has set the sports sphere ablaze. But what is the real future of OM and its owner, Frank McCourt? 

Rumors Swirl: Is PIF Eyeing OM?

For some time now, rumors of Olympique de Marseille’s possible sale have been circulating. The latest information comes from a Saudi journalist close to a Saudi football official, Eid Al Misehal, who claims that OM is the top priority for the Public Investment Fund (PIF), the Saudi investment fund. According to Thibaud Vézirian, a journalist specializing in football, this statement cannot be taken lightly considering the positions and roles of the individuals involved.

History suggests that when Saudi media discusses a sports transaction of such magnitude, it indicates that things are progressing behind the scenes. Information from Saudi Arabia should not be disregarded, as it often heralds the imminent announcement of significant changes. But what about Frank McCourt, the current owner of OM?

Is the Deal Already Sealed?

According to Vézirian, the deal has already been reached with McCourt, with only the finalization of the announcement details pending. However, there remains uncertainty about the exact date of this announcement. What is certain is that changes are occurring within OM, indicating a transition is underway.

Frank McCourt, an American businessman, has recently been promoting his Liberty project, aiming to build a new internet. In the meantime, the day-to-day management of the club has been entrusted to Pablo Longoria, clearly indicating that McCourt is open to purchase offers, whether they come from Saudi Arabia or elsewhere.

Signals of Change Internally

Changes are not only noticeable regarding OM’s ownership but also at the organizational level. Information from inside the club suggests that significant internal reorganization is underway.

Strategic advisor Pedro Iriondo is on the verge of leaving the club, while Human Resources Director (HRD) Cécilia Barontini is expected to be transferred to a less prominent position. While these changes may seem minor, they reveal significant internal restructuring, suggesting that something is brewing behind the scenes.

Frank McCourt: Seeking a Return on Investment?

Since his acquisition of OM in 2016 for just over €45 million, Frank McCourt has invested hundreds of millions of euros in the Phocéens. However, returns on investment are often the primary concern for investors.

While the sale of OM was rumored for January 2024, the officialization of the transaction is yet to materialize. But there is no doubt that the future of Olympique de Marseille hangs in the balance, and the name of the future owner intrigues and concerns Marseille supporters alike.

A New Chapter for OM?

OM, with its rich history and legendary aura, may be on the verge of a new chapter in its story. The potential sale of the club to a consortium led by Saudi Arabia raises many questions and elicits passionate reactions. Is Olympique de Marseille’s destiny about to change? Only time will tell. One thing is certain: the football world is holding its breath, ready to embrace a new era or passionately defend OM’s legacy.

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